Find your happiness during your holiday in Vatomandry

To relax during your journey in Madagascar, stay away from major cities and opt for a "mora-mora" holiday in Vatomandry. Located on the East coast of the Red Island, this village is partly owes its development and its proximity to the capital city. Moreover, many families from Antananarivo like to go there to enjoy a relaxing parenthesis.
Vatomandry means sleepy rocks in reference to two large black rocks forming an islet nestled about a hundred yards from the beach. Malagasy history identifies this locality as the nearest port of Antananarivo at a time when the routing of goods was still difficult. This town-village also played an important role during the Malagasy-led 1947 insurgency against the settlers.
Stretching between the sea, the Pangalanes Canal and the rainforest, Vatomandry is the meeting point between sea water and fresh water: the Vinany. Admittedly, the waters are rather turbulent and not recommended for swimming, but long beaches as far as the eyes can see, are a place of idleness for both visitors and locals. The moored canoes add a picturesque cachet to the splendid landscape of this fishing town.
Vatomandry is also a place where nature and culture peacefully coexist. During a hike in Marondro, discover the amazing sacred eel pond of Savaiza, an elevated site to the rank of national heritage.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2017

Useful Information


When to go

Vatomandry enjoys a tropical climat. Rainfall is significant almost throughout the year with a slight decrease in October. The temperature is around 26 ° C.


How to get there

By taking the RN2, Vatomandry is located about five hours drive from Antananarivo. The second part of the journey takes place on RN 11a, after Antsampanana. The journey is usually by rental car or by taxi-bush.


Where to stay

To spend your nights, stay at Kenji Hotel Restaurant, Vatomandry Lodge or Domaine Fahasambarana which offers comfortable rooms.


Where to eat

To taste the local specialties, try small restaurants held by locals. Otherwise, the Kenji Hotel Restaurant, the Casadoro Restaurant or the Maevasoa are excellent tables.


What to see

To discover the wonders of the region, follow the Pangalanes channel and discover a typical biodiversity of Madagascar’s east coast. In rural areas, the landscapes are punctuated by ravinala (the traveler's tree), pandanus, eucalyptus, raffia or elephant ears, as many plants that cannot be immortalized. You can also buy souvenirs and local products in Antsampanana.

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